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"Focus on the future. Secure funds and experience for a lifelong career. Build your house on solid ground, all else is sinking sand."
Former Judge Ian Richards

Scholarship Programs

Broward County School Board scholarship List
(per Alan E. Negin from the Broward County School Board)

Please find attached our Scholarship Bulletin which contains many scholarships available to our high school students. This Bulletin is updated about every two weeks, and is available on the BRACE website. This list is not exhaustive, but rather one more resource we provide our students. You are also encouraged to investigate opportunities such as:

  • Admissions & Financial Aid Office at the college/university where they are applying.
  • Private & public companies & organizations. Many of them sponsor scholarships for employees, children of employees & school students.
  • Internet. Some of the more popular scholarship search engines are listed below:

Get Ready for College or Trade School

FAFSA Government money loans and grants. Please apply by January 21 of your senior year to get the most money for school.

Things to Do Year-by-Year before college (Per

To Earn a Trade (Electrician, Nurse, plumber... ): Per Miami-Dade and Per Broward County. Click here to get a brief and simple description of the field you wish to enter.

Military Careers

Air Force
Coast Guard

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